Low- and Medium-Income Housing
Aqaba - Jordan

This housing development is targeted to medium to low-income residents, therefore, the design endeavored to create a well-served development that provides rich green areas and socialization pockets that attracts residents to this area. The family life is well-thought of, by creating the needed service and commercial centers, in addition to a school to serve the new community. The whole area is gated thus making sure a safe environment is created within as well as safe pedestrian paths to reach the different areas. The mosque is created in a central area within the plot creating a main vein that crosses the site and connects the two main gates. Then another vein perpendicular to that is designed to house the needed community services transversing the site from the other direction. With this powerful arrangement, everything is within reach of the residents, and at the same time is integrated in a green oasis that is much needed in the hot city of Aqaba.

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