Royal Village
Amman - Jordan

This hilly development is situated in a strategic area in Amman on the road leading to the Dead Sea. The location has allowed the design to create a main vein crossing the plot from one end to the other, thus connecting a new retail center at one end to a main hospital at the other end. This connecting route will host a myriad of commercial outlets thus creating a promenade that will invite the development residents and from the surrounding area to spend their time and discover the different offerings.

With this vibrant attraction, the design used the remaining of the development as residential areas, each served with a well-structured network of roads and mini-neighborhood services. However, each area was given a different character, one was dedicated for apartment buildings closer to the road serving the neighborhood behind. Each complex surrounds a generous park that will cater for the residents needs. In on another zone, on the highest area in the plot, there will be a variety of villas overlooking the scenery of the city, some are single villas while others are semi-detached, depending the needs of the different families.

The whole site is designed to allow for smooth transition between the busy commercial size and the more tranquil residential neighborhoods.

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