amman arab university

Amman Arab University is a growing, university located in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. It is split into four colleges; Business, Education & Psychology, Law and IT and currently has over 1,350 undergraduate, graduate and research students. With the high demand on the type of education that the university offers the owners decided to expand to a larger campus. The site is positioned in Moubes area on a sloping hill with a great view towards the beautiful city of Amman. The general concept of the master plan was derived from the inconsistent contours of the site, and in the aim of reducing the energy and cost in evening out the land, by marking the eligible flat contours and building on them the facilities needed while connecting all the areas through outdoor pathways and meeting nodes. As for the architectural language, it revolved around using local materials as different types of stone, and allowing a high level of natural sunlight in to create a healthier place of education

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