Sky Mixed Use Complex
Amman - Jordan

In a lively location in Amman, and in front of the notorious Sports City, lies a proposal for a modern collage of towers. With an ambitious program of functions, the proposal succeeded in creating a coherent image.

A dynamic base is designed with modern vibes and sleek lines to hold the project towers and accommodate a commercial center that serves the complex and the region. As for the towers, one is designed for long-stay guestrooms having a combination of glazed façade and a double skin where an outer thin layer of panels animates the elevation and gives shading and character to the building.

On the other end, there is a residential tower with apartments similar to the composition of the hotel. In the middle lies a huge tower of offices that is treated in a way to reduce its monumental effect and make it inviting through a recess in the middle, and horizontal louvers. Thus, the whole complex feels as if it is opening its hands to welcome its visitors.

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