Zaydya Mixed Use Complex
AlEhsa` - KSA

A large complex in Saudi Arabia, hosting a mega mall in the podium and two towers at the corners. The site is also served by service buildings and a dedicated mosque. The main inspiration for the design comes from using a double-skin to combat the heat waves in KSA but provide transparency at the same time. The careful use of linear panels for the towers gives both shade and character, and allows for interesting shading into the building interior. As one tower is designed as a hotel building and the other is an office building, each with separate entrances, this playful facade provided uniformity in the treatment of the openings behind the first skin layer and helped to shield the services at the roof level. The base, on the other hand, was designed with vertical paneling that reduced the bulkiness of the podium, and gave depth for the window behind.

The whole complex works as a coherent unit despite the different functions it hosts.

Nova Mixed Use Building

Amman - Jordan

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